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AXIAR Format delivers tangible cost savings and efficiency gains for one of the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturer’s dealer network


LBM Systems’ software eliminated the need for preprinted forms and dedicated form printers for approximately 1,500 dealer sites throughout North America.


Elimination of reliance on preprinted forms and dedicated line printers.
Ensured document consistency.
Simplified form creation and modification process.

Return on investment

Under five months.


One of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural, homeowner, turf, construction and forestry equipment that supports a network of over 1,500 dealer sites.

Customer Need

The dealer sites are focused on selling and maintaining the highest quality agriculture and construction equipment. The computer infrastructure and applications necessary to support this process are often seen as a cost, not a benefit. Using existing servers and laser printers, dealers have an opportunity to eliminate the need for expensive pre-printed forms, delivering cost savings and vastly improved printing processes.


Commercial accounting applications specifically designed for managing point of sale and small-medium back office financial and accounting data.


AXIAR Format intelligently formats output based on data-driven triggers and delivers the specific forms to the appropriate printers. From a single print request, multipart forms are sent to local and remote printers on the network, eliminating the need for bursting and collating output. Forms are printed on blank paper, eliminating paper stock and the need to use dedicated form printers.

Customer Testimonial

“My Parts Manager has chucked his dot matrix printer and moved his laser printer to the Parts counter in full faith. The Parts Invoice has been virtually flawless from day one. My Branch Manager is also using the system to print both his Rental Invoices and Rental Contracts. We have another laser up front that prints in duplex so his contracts come out with the legalese on the back side, nice and clean.”

Jeff Thompson
Chief Technology Officer, Holt Equipment



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