AXIAR Enhances Oracle Financials output and simplifies mainframe to Open Systems migration


LBM systems’ software significantly accelerated an Oracle Financials implementation by delivering robust output formatting and output management software.


All forms created maintain the layout of the previous proprietary structure.
Ensured document delivery
Simplified form creation and modification process

Return on investment

Under seven months

Customer need

Mainframe-caliber print queue management and laser form capabilities on open systems during and after migration from proprietary mainframe financial application plus Xerox printing system to Oracle financials plus PCL printing system. Maintain print queue management capabilities in open systems and reduce printing costs using inexpensive HP LaserJet printers

Oracle Financials Solution

LBM software manages all printing output, easing the transition from mainframe printing to open systems printing. Laser forms (including payroll checks and utility bills) print using AXIAR Format and HP LaserJet printers. LBM printing consulting services extensively used during the migration period.



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