Financial services concern selects AXIAR to intelligently route all office printing; realizes fast ROI


A Manhattan firm deploys AXIAR Deliver to route all print jobs over 100 pages to “copy center” to realize Cost Per Page efficiencies and benefit from AXIAR's ensured delivery capabilities.


  • All 100-plus page jobs automatically route to most efficient Cost Per Page device
  • Rules allow certain users to print ‘around’ the system
  • Redundant server installation allows for disaster recovery and backup configuration
  • Auto-failover and redundancy at print job level also implemented for ensured delivery

Return on Investment

Four month ROI achieved.


A Manhattan-based international financial services company provides financial guaranty insurance for asset-backed securities, municipal bonds and other structured obligations in all global markets. Their Manhattan office houses 350 employees located on four floors.

Business Applications & Hardware

The company uses a mix of Office Suite products within their Windows Server based operating system. They have also deployed a Citrix application farm for efficiencies within their server environment. The company deploys approximately 60 HP MFP printers and 4-6 Canon copiers.

The Business Challenge

Despite installing the latest printing technology throughout the company, this highly innovative company was seeing its overall printing costs soar every year. After a thorough analysis of the printing environment, it was determined there was little or no attention being given to the efficient routing of print jobs to the most appropriate devices. For example, a large print job — even a draft copy — could have been sent to a device costing $.08 per page, even though a printer/copier located right next to that office could have printed the document for less than $.01 per page.

The Solution

LBM Systems deployed AXIAR Deliver to “read” each print stream on the fly and intelligently route the print job based on the page count of the job. Now, any print job exceeding 100 pages is automatically rerouted to the copier on that floor at a greatly reduced cost per page. AXIAR also allows the IT staff to build in user exceptions so that certain users can bypass the new routing rules in order to print “confidential” documents, etc. While AXIAR Deliver is capable of providing users both Windows pop-up and email notifications, the firm elected to simply educate their staff on the new printing environment upgrades. Based on the first month analysis of print environment savings, the company estimates a complete return on the AXIAR investment within four months. Another critical component required in this deployment was printer redundancy. The AXIAR Deliver solution features “autofailover” so that no matter the printer problem (out of paper, unplugged, low on toner) all print jobs are completed on time.

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