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PCL2PDF converts LaserJet PCL print files to industry standard PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe? Acrobat? range of products. Distribute your converted print files around the Internet or your company Intranet for easy viewing, searching and printing. PCL2PDF runs natively on Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

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PCL2PDF quickly converts PCL print files to concise, industry standard PDF. This is not a raster based conversion. Use command line versions in batch and unattended operations. Fully configurable. Specify default printer "front panel" settings including page size and orientation. PCL2PDF automatically selects sensible defaults. PCL2PDF can convert files of 1000's of pages. LBM handles the following PCL2PDF licensing requests:

PCL2PDF - Server Edition
PCL2PDF - Webserver Edition
PCL2PDF - OEM/Developer Distribution requests

PCL2PDF Enhanced

PCL2PDF Enhanced is an upgrade to PCL2PDF. PCL2PDF Enhanced offers users the ability to:

  • Create PDF Bookmarks
  • Merge PCL files and create PDF output
  • Split PCL files and create PDF output
  • Page Count Feature
  • Create and find pages in PDF documents
  • Create color PDF logos

PCL to Text Extraction (including TrueType fonts)

Text extraction from PCL print data, including text printed with TrueType fonts. This powerful software can be used to extract text from PCL print jobs for indexing, reformatting, and archiving. IT personnel can use this software to extract and ‘feed’ data to document management, metrics and audit/compliance applications to ensure printed output is properly accounted for without requiring changes to the applications creating the PCL.

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