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AXIAR Green Paper Saving Software  

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Printing with AXIAR Green, paper saving software, delivers tangible cost savings and quantifiable environmental benefits. Controlling your print resources and saving paper with AXIAR gives you the opportunity to immediately decrease your impact on the environment and is an important step towards a green/sustainable office environment. AXIAR reduces your dependency on printed documents and paper-based business processes by intelligently creating and routing digital documents in the greenest way possible.

Green printing with AXIAR:

Conserves Paper - Limiting office paper waste is good. Limiting initial use is better than recycling, because it uses less energy. AXIAR Green, paper saving software, reduces your paper use.

Conserves Power – Reduce your power consumption by reducing print volumes and/or schedule printing for off-peak times to save money and reduce electricity use.

Conserves Space – No need for space to store preprinted forms. In turn this saves power for heating and cooling that space.

Conserves Time – Less time spent supporting print-related errors and paper-intensive processes means more time for your employees to focus on core business needs.

Conserves Money - The Ultimate Green. A green office with AXIAR Green printing is not only good for the environment, but also good for the bottom line.

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