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AXIAR is a suite of software programs that takes output from the text files produced by business applications all the way to indexed images without any user intervention. AXIAR provides a vital formatting, connection and management layer between business critical applications and virtually any output object (printers, fax gateways, email gateways, web destinations, document management systems, and so forth).

One of the most difficult tasks in Information Technology today is the management and delivery of business critical output. For example, in a typical business the accounting process alone generates thousands of sheets of paper and/or digital documents each day; documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping papers, are created and need to be delivered and managed. Similarly, output designed for internal employee use from departments such as Human Resources require timely and accurate delivery of important information. Or perhaps the Marketing department has a major event planned that requires immediate distribution of large numbers of documents to several different locations. AXIAR is the software solution to these problems and many more.

AXIAR consists of three modules that work together or independently to create, deliver, and archive business output:

  • AXIAR Format converts data and creates the formatted output for each type of document. For example, the AXIAR Format module takes the output from the AR system (invoices and purchase orders) and the inventory system (shipping papers) and creates dynamic formatted output which merges digital forms, signatures, barcodes, etc. with the input data for each document. The AXIAR Format module is a data converter from the text produced by business applications to printer-ready output or formatted for delivery to virtually any output object (data conversions to Pcl, PostScript, PDF, TIFF and other formats are enabled). AXIAR Format includes a powerful form design tool, AXIAR Format Composer, that enables rapid form design in a WYSIWYG environment.

  • AXIAR Deliver is output management and print queue management software that accepts these formatted output files for print, email, fax, web, image or custom delivery. Depending on the destination required, the AXIAR Deliver module prepares the output, selects a destination, monitors the transmission, ensures delivery and provides scheduling, logging and trouble-shooting tools to ensure the reliable delivery of the document. If image archiving is required, the AXIAR Deliver module also extracts index information from the input data and builds a new 'intelligent image' that contains this indexing data. AXIAR Deliver works with many different types of input files; AXIAR Format data conversion software is NOT required in order to use AXIAR Deliver to manage print processes.

  • AXIAR Retrieve builds a data base of this index information about the image file for retrieval, archiving, and storage. The AXIAR Retrieve module includes a user interface to the AXIAR-stored documents; the AXIAR Format and AXIAR Deliver modules operate primarily in background, but the AXIAR Retrieve module provides extensive search, retrieve, resend, and archiving functions for managing all the output from the business process. Documents from a variety of input sources can be indexed and stored using AXIAR Retrieve's OCR capabilities.

    Each module of the AXIAR suite of output management and data conversion software can be used independently, with other AXIAR module(s) or with other vendor software - we will help you determine which components are best suited to improve your business processes, from simple print queue management needs to complex data formatting, routing and storage/retrieval.


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