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ReliaQuote uses AXIAR to ramp up scalable printing operation; realizes immediate ROI


LBM Systems' AXIAR Deliver deployed to manage a new PDF printing process.


  • Direct PDF printing
  • No driver management required
  • Control over document assembly
  • Faster printing
  • More robust and reliable printing
  • Offers cluster printing and load balancing
  • Deployment in days, not weeks
  • Auto-failover and redundancy at printer level


By allocating head count elsewhere, ROI was immediate

Web-based insurance brokerage house deploys AXIAR Deliver to manage direct PDF printing of insurance applications on LaserJet 9500 printers


ReliaQuote specializes in the marketing and sale of life insurance policies through the World Wide Web. They also provide major financial institutions — including banks, credit card issuers, mutual fund companies, securities firms and others — with the essential infrastructure needed to more efficiently deliver quality life insurance products to their customers.

Business Applications & Hardware

The company uses a mix of Office Suite products and homegrown, web-based CRM applications within their Windows-based environment to deliver insurance applications to end users and financial institutions alike. They have also deployed multiple high-speed color HP printers and MFP products.

The Business Challenge

Before implementing the AXIAR solution, ReliaQuote’s insurance application delivery process required six employees, each equipped with an HP 4100 black and white printer, to process outgoing insurance applications. Each person would physically print a packet as it came in, highlight key parts of the packet, insert tabs where signatures were required, then send the packet out to the customers for signatures. Besides being labor intensive, this process also required an extra management layer as well as technical support to keep the printers printing and equipped with supplies. It was a costly approach. But above all else, the process was not scalable with the tremendous growth of ReliaQuote’s online service. The Internet made the service available to scores of financial institutions, but the process prohibited the company from scaling beyond its current business volume without hiring more employees

The Solution

ReliaQuote automated the entire process by creating an automatic process to highlight required signature fields and to provide “finishing” instructions to AXIAR Deliver. AXIAR then executed those finishing instructions — printing in duplex or simplex, pulling paper from the proper tray, and stapling as required — and sent the job to two high-speed HP LaserJet 9500 color printers to directly print out the PDFs in a load balanced, guaranteed printing environment. “Using this approach,” explains ReliaQuote CTO Phong Lam, “we gained significant improvements in speed and reliability. We were able to deliver insurance applications faster to the customer, with higher quality and consistency, and at the same time, cut labor costs. We were immediately able to scale the process to make it available to more financial institutions. In this way, we were able to realize the vision which is what we projected this online service to provide from the beginning.”

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