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LBM Systems AXIAR Output Management, Data Conversion and Paper Saving Software:

Mail Automation Module Features and Benefits

Bethel, Connecticut - LBM Systems' AXIAR Mail Automation Module links printstream management with mailstream managment, enabling AXIAR users to reduce costs and improve hardcopy mail processes.

Some of the features and benefits delivered using AXIAR's Mail Automation Module include:

Manual Processing Improvements

  • Manual sorting, collating, folding, inserting, and sealing envelopes is automated - process 5,000+ pieces of mail an hour
  • Insertions are dynamically data-triggered with AXIAR Mail Automation Module
  • Manpower requirements are reduced by more than 70%, providing an aggressive return on investment

Mailing Cost Savings

  • Mail automation and duplex printing reduce postage by minimizing the use of 9”x12”/oversized envelopes
  • Duplexing with AXIAR reduces the total weight of the mail piece, reducing postage costs
  • Letters going to the same recipient are sorted and batched together into a single envelope

Consumables Cost Savings

  • Paper costs are further reduced by using AXIAR Deliver to duplex print documents
  • Envelope costs are reduced due to decreased need for oversized envelopes
  • AXIAR Deliver’s ensured delivery capabilities eliminate lost print jobs and redundant printing

Security Improvements

  • Automating the outgoing mail process eliminates human errors, increasing the security of personal information
  • AXIAR can add Intelligent Mail Barcodes to a letter or QR codes for tracking
  • Document output processes can be tracked and audited with AXIAR

Contact us to learn more about how using AXIAR's Mail Automation Module can accelerate your business-critical document processes and reduce IT help-desk calls.

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