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PCL2PDF provides tangible cost savings and efficiency gains for one of the world’s largest suppliers of insurance and financial services.

A Fortune 500 Insurance Success Story

PCL2PDF provides tangible cost savings and efficiency gains for one of the world's largest suppliers of insurance and financial services.


The customer is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings, asset management, and strategic investments. The customer ranked #104 on the Fortune 500 in 2006, employs over 36,000 employees and currently has over 16 million policies in force.

Customer Need

The customer required a consistent method for formatting enterprise-wide print jobs to complement a Citrix? application upgrade. The customer sought to minimize the number of print formatting options and avoid constantly updating print drivers across a network of approximately 1200 servers and thousands of users.


PCL2PDF is used with Citrix application infrastructure delivery products, which give IT the flexibility to change on demand, without changing the overall environment. With Citrix, IT can keep pace with the business, handle multiple challenges concurrently, and drive productivity and profitability initiatives across the company and across business units. LBM Systems is a member of Citrix’s Global Alliance Partner program.


PCL2PDF is implemented to ensure the fidelity of enterprise-wide Citrix-related print requests. With PCL2PDF, print jobs are converted automatically into easily-shared PDF output and routed throughout the network to any printer. This eliminates the cumbersome need to update and maintain a large number of print drivers to support a wide variety of print devices. PCL2PDF is implemented enterprise-wide, running on approximately 1200 servers.


  • Server-based print stream conversion enables printing to any network printer regardless of print driver availability, simplifying printer requirements by limiting the need for driver updates.
  • Automatic PCL to PDF conversion enables rapid distribution of documents to both internal and external destinations (printers and desktops).
  • PDF output creation ensures the consistency of printed output, especially critical for legal documents such as contracts and benefits statements. With a single print request, PCL2PDF formats documents automatically and ensures the fidelity of business-critical application output.

About LBM

LBM Systems develops, delivers and supports innovative output management software for commercial application developers and end users of these applications. Through its AXIAR suite, LBM Systems delivers solutions for formatting, delivering and retrieving business critical data from financial/accounting, ERP, desktop and other applications vital to everyday business operations. For more information about LBM products visit www.LBMsys.com or call (203) 966-0661.

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